Folder5 (AKINA 宮里明那 満島ひかり) – I will be with you (Love Psychedelico)

Folder5 (AKINA 宮里明那 満島ひかり) will be with you (Love Psychedelico) “live music” フォルダー5 AKINA HIKARI 満島ひかり ARISA NATHU MOE

Cute Japanese girl – AKINA 宮里明那 (Folder & Folder5 member) sing a song at home.

AKINA wants to be someone like hibiscus. She was part of the members also liked FOLDER FOLDER5. Also like the song. Some people love. Good luck because she also like to take qualifications in wedding flower bouquet. She can make flowers and dressing.

AKINA twitter :!/AKINA619
AKINA Blog :

Folder 5 『Believe』アニメ「ワンピース ONE PIECE」オープニングテーマ曲


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